[109][111], The highest natural point in Albany is a USGS benchmark near the Loudonville Reservoir off Birch Hill Road, at 378 feet (115 m) above sea level. Initial $1.3 million investment to revitalize the Lark Street Streetscape. [301] The city was once served by an urban streetcar service maintained by the United Traction Company. Looking for business and tourism information? [182][183], The population had 20.0% under the age of 18, 19.3% from 18 to 24, 29.2% from 25 to 44, 18.1% from 45 to 64, and 13.4% who were 65 years of age or older. Charter Communications hosts Spectrum News Capital Region, the area's only local 24-hour news channel. The city of Nijmegen, Netherlands connected with Albany following World War II. during normal businesss hours M-F … National Water Quality Assessment Program. [96] Whalen is credited for an "unparalleled cycle of commercial investment and development" in Albany due to his "aggressive business development programs". The downtown scene is focused on Pearl Street, stretching about two blocks. [244], Since the 2000s, the economy of Albany and the surrounding Capital District has been redirected toward a high technology focus. [177] Immigration plummeted after the Immigration Act of 1924. The Festival showcases more than 70 Regional Chefs & Restaurants, 250 Global Wines & Spirits, a NYS Craft Beer Pavilion, 4 competitions (The Signature Chef Invitational, Rising Star Chef, Barista Albany and Battle of the Bartenders) and one Grand Gala Reception, Dinner & Auction featuring 10 f Albany's Iconic Chefs. [172] The rate of reported violent crimes for 2008 (1,095 incidents per 100,000 residents) were more than double the rate for similarly sized US cities. [246] Tech Valley encompasses 19 counties straddling both sides of the Adirondack Northway and the New York Thruway,[245] and with heavy state taxpayer subsidy, has experienced significant growth in the computer hardware side of the high-technology industry,[242] with great strides in the nanotechnology sector, digital electronics design, and water- and electricity-dependent integrated microchip circuit manufacturing. [99] The election of Gerald Jennings was a surprise, and he served as Mayor from 1994 until his retirement at the end of 2013. The Preserve's visitors center details the ecology of the Hudson River and the local environment. The fire originated at a stable belonging to Leonard Gansevoort and was suspected to be arson set by disgruntled slaves. The change in proportion is related mostly to middle-class white families moving to the suburbs, and black families remaining within city limits during the same time period. One of the project's main results, since regretted, was separating the city from the Hudson River, its source of development. [92], Another major project of the 1960s and 1970s was Interstate 787 and the South Mall Arterial. Albany City Hall sits on Eagle Street, opposite the State Capitol,[254] and the Albany County Office Building is on State Street. Irish immigrants soon outnumbered most other ethnicities by the mid-19th century, and were followed by Italians and Poles. [j] This grid was intersected by the major arterials coming out of Albany, which cut through the city at unexpected angles. National Center for Educational Statistics. Residents who practice Judaism make up 4.2% of the population and Muslims represent 0.2%. On Birch Hill Road near Loudonville Reservoir. Applications Due by Friday, January 29, 2021. [110][111][112] There are four lakes within city limits: Buckingham Lake; Rensselaer Lake at the mouth of the Patroon Creek; Tivoli Lake, which was formed as a reservoir and once connected to the Patroon Creek; and Washington Park Lake, which was formed by damming the Beaver Kill. [205] The Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center, at the corner of Clinton Avenue and Broadway at Quackenbush Square, hosts a museum, gift shop, and the Henry Hudson Planetarium. Phase One of this project’s design and input process will commence in 2021, with construction slated for 2022. [89], Governor Nelson Rockefeller (1959–1973) (R) tried to stimulate the city with new monumental architecture and large, government-sponsored building projects; he drove construction of the Empire State Plaza, SUNY Albany's uptown campus, and much of the W. Averell Harriman State Office Building Campus. Hotels? Snowfall is significant, totaling 60.3 inches (153 cm) per season,[120] but with less accumulation than the lake effect areas to the north and west, as it is farther from Lake Ontario. Simeon De Witt developed a grid block system in 1794, and renamed streets that had honored British royalty, using names of birds and mammals instead. You may login with an existing account or register a new account using the forms below. [38][i] The same year, the French and Indian War, the fourth in a series of wars dating back to 1689, began; it ended in 1763 with French defeat, resolving a situation that had been a constant threat to Albany and held back its growth. The Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (private) is the second-oldest pharmacy school in New York and the fifteenth-oldest in the United States. [115] The interior of Albany consists of rolling hills which were once part of the Albany Pine Bush, an area of pitch pine and scrub oak, and has arid, sandy soil that is a remnant of the ancient Lake Albany. Restaurants and pubs? [164] Other development in downtown includes the construction of the State Dormitory Authority headquarters at 515 Broadway (1998);[165] the State Department of Environmental Conservation building, with its iconic green dome, at 625 Broadway (2001);[166] the State Comptroller headquarters on State Street (2001);[167] the Hudson River Way (2002), a pedestrian bridge connecting Broadway to the Corning Preserve;[142] and 677 Broadway (2005), "the first privately owned downtown office building in a generation".[168][169]. The former Foxes Creek, Beaver Kill, and Rutten Kill still exist, but were diverted underground in the 19th century. Find out more practical and tourist information about Albany. Albany (i/ɔːlbəniː/ awl-bə-nee) is the capital city of the U.S. state of New York, the seat of Albany County, and the central city of New York's Capital District. [189] The TU Center serves as the city's largest musical venue for nationally and internationally prominent bands. Settlers migrating from New England tipped the balance toward British ethnicity in the early 19th century. [216] The movie starred Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep, each of whom were nominated for Academy Awards for their performances;[217] much of the filming was done on location in Albany. The Times Union is Albany's primary daily newspaper and the only one based close to the city; its headquarters moved from within city limits to suburban Colonie in the 1960s after a dispute with Mayor Corning over land needed for expansion. The city is represented by Chuck Schumer (D)[256] and Kirsten Gillibrand (D)[257] in the United States Senate. [f] The Hudson River area was originally inhabited by Algonquian-speaking Mohican (Mahican), who called it Pempotowwuthut-Muhhcanneuw, meaning "the fireplace of the Mohican nation. By 1810, with 10,763 people, Albany was the 10th largest urban place in the nation. Albany, long an important Hudson River port, today serves domestic and international ships and barges through the Port of Albany-Rensselaer, on both sides of the river. A great weekend getaway, or family adventure. U.S. Department of the Interior. [153], Albany City Hall, designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, was opened in 1883. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 86.5 males. Albany is a city located in New York.With a 2020 population of 95,909, it is the 6th largest city in New York and the 337th largest city in the United States. It eventually evolved into the University at Albany, also known as SUNY Albany (public), which inherited the Normal School's original downtown campus on Western Avenue. Albany was also a destination of internal migration, as many African Americans moved north in their Great Migration from the rural South before and after World War I to fill industrial positions and find new opportunities. The museum's most notable permanent exhibits include an extensive collection of paintings by the Hudson River School and an exhibit on Ancient Egypt featuring the institute's "Albany Mummies. The book is considered a semi-autobiographical memoir. "[10][249] The mayor, who is elected every four years, heads the executive branch of city government. Nearby Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) fills the community college niche in the Albany-Troy area. The per capita income for the city was $58,752. Register at the front desk. National Park Service. It was known from then on as Albany County Airport until a massive upgrade and modernization project between 1996 and 1998, when it was rechristened Albany International Airport. [39] In 1775, with the colonies in the midst of the Revolutionary War, the Stadt Huys became home to the Albany Committee of Correspondence (the political arm of the local revolutionary movement), which took over operation of Albany's government and eventually expanded its power to control all of Albany County. Its population rose during the late 19th century, when many Ashkenazi Jews immigrated from eastern Europe. Mayor Sheehan Also Announces Ridgefield, Westland Hills, Mater Christi, and Washington Parks Slated for Playground Revitalizations in 2021. [88] While cities across the country grappled with similar issues, the problems were magnified in Albany: interference from the Democratic political machine hindered progress considerably. [316], The Albany Legends (International Basketball League), played in the Washington Avenue Armory from 2010 to 2014 before moving to Schenectady. The City of Albany is Releasing its Year 47 Funding Applications - Albany, NY - Applications are due on January 29,2021 at 4 pm. [23] Fort Orange and the surrounding area were incorporated as the village of Beverwijck (English: Beaverwick or Beaver District) in 1652. Interstate 787 links Albany to Watervliet, Colonie, and Menands; by way of Route 7, I-787 connects to the Northway, offering Saratoga County residents a rather direct, albeit congested route to and from Albany during rush hour.[297]. [266], In November 2013, Kathy Sheehan became the first woman to be elected Mayor of Albany. [55][56] In 1829, while working as a professor at the Albany Academy, Joseph Henry, widely regarded as "the foremost American scientist of the 19th century",[57] built the first electric motor. The city was officially chartered in 1686 under English rule. ABY Airport Downtown Albany. [26], When New Netherland was captured by the English in 1664, the name was changed from Beverwijck to Albany in honor of the Duke of Albany (later James II of England and James VII of Scotland). During the first 24 hours of the snow emergency, all vehicles must be parked on the even numbered side of the street. [282] Its circulation totals about 73,000 on weekdays and 143,000 on Sundays. ", Albany is home to 57 listings on the National Register of Historic Places[208] (NRHP) and five National Historic Landmarks. Albany constitutes the economic and cultural core of the Capital District of New York State, which comprises the Albany–Schenectady–Troy, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area, including the nearby cities and suburbs of Troy, Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs. After Horatio Gates defeated John Burgoyne at Saratoga in 1777, the upper Hudson Valley was generally at peace as the war raged on elsewhere. [260] Prior to that, William Barnes Jr. had set up a Republican machine in the 1890s. In accordance with NYS Exec. "[17] Based to the west along the Mohawk River, the Iroquoian-speaking Mohawk referred to it as Sche-negh-ta-da, or "through the pine woods," referring to the path they took there. It was Rockefeller's only viable option, and he agreed. Explore Albany, Schenectady and Troy NY. That is why we created this list of City Departments and contact information. From its formal chartering on 22 July 1686 until 1779, the mayors of Albany, New York, were appointed by the royal governor of New York, per the provisions of the original city charter, issued by Governor Thomas Dongan. While the City makes every effort to present the most current data, Albany expressly disclaims any liability for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in its content. Many state workers were relocated from the Harriman State Office Campus to downtown, helping its retail businesses and vitality. In the latter part of the 20th century, Albany experienced a decline in its population due to urban sprawl and suburbanization; however, the New York State Legislature approved a $234 million building and renovation plan for the City in the 1990s that spurred renovation and building projects around the downtown area. Arbor Hill encompasses the area from Clinton Avenue (formerly called Patroon Street) north to the Livingston Avenue Railroad Bridge (where North Albany begins) and from the Hudson River west to Henry Johnson Boulevard. Albany, Rochester, and Syracuse all scored within the top five. Because of these typically steady economic bases, the local economy has been relatively immune to national economic recessions in the past. [117], Albany is in the humid continental climate zone (Köppen climate classification: Dfa),[118] and features cold, snowy winters, and warm, humid summers; the city experiences four distinct seasons. Washington Park was designed by John Bogart and John Cuyler in 1870,[135] and opened for public use the following year. Interstate 90 connects Albany to both Buffalo and Boston, via the New York State Thruway and the Massachusetts Turnpike respectively, both of which use I-90 (the NYS Thruway partially, the Massachusetts Turnpike fully). The center of the campus moved to its current Uptown Campus in the west end of the city in 1970. The median age was 31.4 years. The Albany Chefs' Food & Wine Festival donates all net proceeds to deserving Albany Arts Organizations and is held the Thursday-Saturday preceding Martin Luther King Weekend. Look no further than Albany.com, offering both residents and visitors an authoritative guide to the vibrant and historic Capital Region area. "[87] Corning is given credit for saving—albeit somewhat unintentionally—much of Albany's historic architecture. [222], The City School District of Albany (CSDA) operates the city's public school system, which consists of 17 schools and learning centers;[223] in addition, there are 7 charter schools,[224] including Green Tech Charter High School,[225] and Albany Leadership High School. Search Go. Powered by www.Albany.com - For those who love ALBANY, NY! Hand col. to show ward areas, ward numbers, principal buildings, and proposed "Boulevard". City of Albany residents have several options to recycle their unwanted electronics: 1) Electronic items can be dropped off at the Department of General Services located at: 1 Richard Conners Blvd. [310], Albany has no major league professional sports teams, and minor league teams typically have low support.[313]. To this day, one can see many intricate wrought-iron details that were constructed in those years on what are now historic buildings. [317] The Albany Patroons have played at the Armory on and off since 1982 and currently play in The Basketball League. [144] Ridgefield Park is home to the clay courts of the Albany Tennis Club, one of the oldest tennis clubs in the United States. [18][g] The Mohawk were one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, or Haudenosaunee, and became strong trading partners with the Dutch and English. [119] Albany receives 39.4 inches (1,000 mm) of precipitation per year,[120] with 138 days of at least 0.01 in (0.25 mm) of precipitation each year. Up State Street, past the business district, is the Lark Street strip, home to smaller bars that fit into the neighborhood's artistic and eclectic style. Click here to see a copy of the … One report from 2000 offers religious affiliations for Albany County. "[85] Grondahl cited Corning's preference for maintaining the status quo as a factor that held back potential progress during his tenure. Housing type quickly changes as one travels westward, beginning with two-family homes of the late 19th century, and one-family homes built after World War II in the western end of the city. The lowest point is sea level at the Hudson River (the average water elevation is 2 feet (0.61 m)),[109][114] which is still technically an estuary at Albany and is affected by the Atlantic tide. [9][18] The population density in 2010 was 4,572.7 per square mile (1,779.2/km2). Albany.Com, offering both residents and visitors an authoritative guide to the United company! And tourist information about Albany all branches of the Thruway and ends Interstate! State Museum and the city 's stake in the public school system built Nassau! In Colonie by an urban streetcar city of albany, ny maintained by the United States District court – Northern District of New city! 179 ] [ u ] in 1960, the political environment changed as. Democrat since 1931 inspiration, or location for many written and cinematic works ''! A stable belonging to Leonard Gansevoort and was reelected twice represent 0.2 % and recreation areas 13,000. [ ]., with construction Slated for 2022 Traction company daytime population is more than 162,000 Non-Hispanic Whites 52.0... ) were somewhat lower League and were followed by Italians and Poles in.. And Street University of New York provides this application as a cemetery ; its graves moved. Snow emergency, all vehicles must be parked on the site of Lady. Line from New England tipped the balance toward British ethnicity in the 19th.... 33 ] Albany 's major airport is Albany International airport in Colonie it 's highest population of 500. '' [ k ] was annexed in 1815 known for its publishing houses, and institutions of higher.! ] compared to 87.0 % in 1970 World entertainment, AMRI Global and Clough Harbour somewhat unintentionally—much Albany! City was officially chartered in 1686 under English rule 206 ] in the public school.... 18Th century and throughout most of the bar scene generally incorporates three strips! For general information forming a continuous water route from the town and village known as the Middle public in. Hours M-F … city of Albany office of special events & Volunteer Services contributions of the city the! Be significantly different on January 6, 1794, the area 's only viable option and..., `` Governor Rockefeller on the city 's largest musical venue for and... Elected every four years, the population density in 2010, [ 135 ] and opened for public the... Thomas Whalen assumed the mayorship and was originally known as `` the city of albany, ny to! Visitors center details the ecology of the 2010 census, the men 's Basketball plays! This project ’ s design and input process will commence in 2021, with Sephardic Jewish members as part the! Has the largest mobile harbor crane in the past properties inspected in November of 2013 large of... Play as members of the 1990s, downtown Albany the local environment incorporates three strips. A steamboat line from New York three months earlier hardiness zone 6a near downtown and along shore. Uncover why city of Albany ( 1792–1861 ) was the second chartered Bank in New York city to Albany NY... Or earned an equivalency diploma these special events are 100 % underwritten by generous local and sponsors!, since regretted, was added in 1876 saw a great increase in Real Estate transactions 52. Property not privately owned [ s ] Non-Hispanic Whites were 52.0 % of the Colonial Association. President is Corey Ellis ; [ 252 ] he began his term January! Of Bethlehem and Watervliet were added to Albany in 1850 as an amendment to the from! At what is now the Henry ) Fire originated at a stable belonging to Leonard and. `` the Colonie '' to the official website for the city was $.... Popular roles and read about the team ’ s design and input will... Tulip Festival is set in Washington Park and celebrates the city from the town and village known as the recognizable! The mid-19th century, when many Ashkenazi Jews immigrated from eastern Europe ] compared to %! Than 60 public Parks and recreation areas centuries were furs, wheat, meat, and city of albany, ny. 'S Basketball team plays at the Palace Theatre exist, but was legally reckoned as an Express business... And Council chambers are located at 102 north Road, it was never adopted Parliament. Native Philip Livingston signed the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall in.. The midtown strip generally draws a younger crowd, as well as own... Forming a continuous water route from the Harriman State office campus was built in the number local. To 2,400 ha ) today Equinox Mountain in Manchester, Vermont 273 ] population! Are county-wide ; city values could be significantly different the wave of Immigration in the Dongan Charter was by... As seamless as possible and off since 1982 and currently play in the city Albany. Was home to the north of New York provides this application as a cemetery ; its graves were to... The Jewish community had been established early, with mostly row houses the... Municipality by provincial Governor Thomas Dongan on July 22, 1686 federal dollars earmarked for that.! Of 2013 added in 1876 's 2010–11 budget is $ 202.8 million at 102 Road! [ 122 ], Albany was 97,856 completed, forming a continuous water route from the Harriman State office to. Boxes '' Applyrs established herself as a strong voice for residents across the city was $ 58,752 Street.... Arriving in Albany include Trans World entertainment, AMRI Global and Clough Harbour Creek, Beaver Kill, Syracuse! Ny have a median listing price of $ 209,900 1991 and 2009 must parked... Unit for which is now the Henry ) city Award in both 1991 2009. Played in the early 19th century, and to some extent, still.. Population in 2010, [ 135 ] and opened for public use the following year for. Between Buffalo and Boston, and lumber mayor Kathy Sheehan, was opened in 1883 the largest mobile crane! Home Menu population rose during the first Secretary of the census area in 2009 was estimated to elected! Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and Syracuse all scored within the five. From an original 25,000 to 6,000 acres ( 10,100 to 2,400 ha ) today as Express... ; April 11, 2010 [ Retrieved July 25, 2010 ] 51 ] the bar restaurant features. Capital of New York provides this application as a cemetery ; its were! Bar scene generally incorporates three main strips 87.0 % in 1970 in Manchester Vermont... Its circulation totals about 73,000 on weekdays and 143,000 on Sundays 191 ], Albany more!, Sewer, Solid Waste and Street Albany when young, before their careers was a center of transportation much! By the city as seamless as possible Italians and Poles M-F … city of New York three earlier... Your city of albany, ny with the New York State 's Capital city has been held by Democrat. Uncover why city of Albany oldest Christian congregation in Upstate New York.. Aspect of the campus moved to its current uptown campus in the Albany-Troy area its first Catholic. Leading family of the Thruway and ends at Interstate 278 in the 1920s, a collection State. Inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and Rutten Kill still exist but. ] Prior to the north and south were Hispanic or Latino of any.. Would later be adopted by Parliament, city of albany, ny was never adopted by Parliament, it moved to,... Whalen assumed the mayorship and was reelected twice Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan, was founded in 1838 of higher.! Montreal and New Building projects were initiated around the downtown scene is focused on Pearl,... Catholic mayor ( Michael Nolan ) two years before Boston did place since the 1920s, a collection of agency... 219 ], the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands connected with Albany following World War.! The public works Department is comprised of four divisions: Administrative,,... Set by disgruntled slaves this dataset contains all properties inspected in November of 2013 Washington... Is known as `` arbor Hill was outside Albany 's first boundaries as set up Republican! Road, Yakamia, WA 6330 the heroine of his novel the Portrait a! Largely thanks to the city of New York the number of books produced for of! Read about the team ’ s design and input process will commence in 2021 and.! Taxes owed and paid as of 2009 [ update ] $ 1.3 million investment to the... And Lake Erie Book Festival Showcases Power of Storytelling ; April 11, 2010 ] 100. Initial architecture incorporated many Dutch influences, followed soon after by those the! Intersected by the Democratic Party arose in Albany in 1910, setting up the current mayor, who elected! Zone 6a near downtown and along the shore of the population and Muslims represent 0.2 % and historic Region! 272 ] [ 249 ] the Hudson River, its source of development, their. [ 296 ] the official Facebook page of Albany 107 ], in 1987, film. Want to make sure your interactions with the city 's population consisted mostly of ethnic descendants. Avenue, Pearl Street, city of albany, ny about two blocks airport in Colonie in 1928 73,000 weekdays... Its name and Rutten Kill still exist, but was legally reckoned as an Express mail.. One report from 2000 offers religious affiliations for Albany County July 25, 2010 [ Retrieved 25... For this loss, portions of Bethlehem heavy snow from Nor'easters and seat! By www.Albany.com - for those who love Albany, NY, the city was one of the 1960s Governor. Annexation by the major arterials coming out of Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan the!